■Various ‎// 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 [2LP]

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型番 2LP
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■LABEL:Contort Yourself
□STYLE:Industrial, Experimental, Synthwave, Leftfield
イってもうた危ないインダストリアル、POST PUNKの宝庫盤。UK、Contort Yourselfが未知のカセット音源掘り起こし頑張ってくれました。ひりひりする80年代の尖がりサウンドしか入れてません。日本からはKING OF NOISE.Merzbowも収録。マスト。

A1–East End Butchers / Assassins
A2–Magthea / Magthea and Insanity (Extract)
A3–Missing Persons / Rotten To The Core
A4–Doxa Sinistra / The Other Stranger
A5–PCR / Myths Of Seduction And Betrayal (Extract)
B1–Urbain Autopsy & K... / Tribal Moment
B2–Human Flesh / Ancient Smiles
B3–Nocturnal Emissions / Fat Slimey Parasites
B4–Merzbow / D.D.T.
B5–DDV / If You're Looking For Trouble
C1–Alu / Fies Sein
C2–Menko / The First Kiss
C3–Die Klopferbande / Cadillac Im Ghetto
C4–Jacinthebox / Wipe The Church
C5–Cripure S.A. / Little Meat
C6–Software /Human Situation
D1–Felix Menkar /Buscando El Espacio Interior
D2–Blackhouse / Numerology
D3–Ende Shneafliet / Twistin' On The Tombstones
D4–Muziekkamer / Being Home Tonight
D5–Dead Tech / Catalavox

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