■V.A // Die Orgasmus Bigband [usd LP] ★Limited Edition★

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型番 usd LP
在庫状況 売切れ

■LABEL:Priapismus Records
□STYLE:Industrial, Experimental
ヘンテコ、ストレンジ、マイナー、オブスキュア、ニッチ、色んな呼称で括られる楽曲を収録。有名になることなく消えてしまった素晴らしい音楽家たちが存分に詰まった傑作コンピ。コンパイルしたのはドイツ・ベルリン大学にてデザイン、マーケティングの教鞭をとったFranz Lieblと言うお方。

A1–Algebra Suicide  Somewhat Bleecker Street
A2–X-Ray Pop  Ejaculated Guitar In A Mousetrap's Garden
A3–No Unauthorized  Dialogue A L'Usine
A4–Kristian Jonsson  This Is Our Latest Orgasm But Perhaps Not Our Best
A5–Berserker  X
A6–Ankles  Disco?
A7–Schlafengarten  Blowjob
A8–Armin Hofmann  Auf Die Schnelle
A9–Introverts Fuck Fun
A10–Psychodrama  It Will Be Long And Schizophrenic
A11–Philippe Laurent  Encore, Encore
B1–Anomy  Waiting At The Station
B2–Vittore Baroni & Scarlatina Lust  Orgasmo
B3–Ice 9  Tanzmuzik
B4–Steven Parker  Keys And Colleges
B5–HP2  Sounds So Real You'll Think You Were There
B6–Smegma  Dancing Hairpiece Wears Two Left Shoes
B7–DDAA  Bruits Pour Un Bon Accouplement Chez Les Elephants
B8–Ono...  Plays The Sex Show (Excerpt)
B9–Algebra Suicide  In Bed With Boys
B10–An Bene & Ska Mazda  Horizontal Linguistics
B11–C.W. Bell & Cassie O'Tone  The Conquerers
B12–Viscera  Expansion And Extension

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