V.A. - Nihon No Wave


在庫状況 売切れ


フォーマット: Vinyl 2LP
入荷日: 2018,9月
レーベル: Mecanica
ジャンル / スタイル: Experimental, Industrial, Minimal,Synth-pop,New Wave


  • 1.Ricochet - Ningyo Touge
  • 2.Ricochet - Blue Melody
  • 3.C. Memi - Ishin-Denshin
  • 4.C. Memi - Hitojichi
  • 5.C.Memi + Neo Matisse - Dream's Dream
  • 6.Harumi Shimada - Yakō Shōnen
  • 7.Harumi Shimada - Midnight Boy
  • 8.D.R.Y. Project - Digital Wave
  • 9.D.R.Y. Project - Requiem For...
  • 10.Neo Museum - Area
  • 11.Neo Museum - Ethno-Music
  • 12.Dendö Marionette - Alchemist
  • 13.Dendö Marionette - Dendö Marionette
  • 14.Anima - Grey City
  • 15.Anima - Not Only One
  • 16.Mikan Mukku - Kan
  • 17.Mikan Mukku - Chin Dan
  • 18.Shinobu - Earth
  • 19.Shinobu - Ceramic Love


激アツコンピレーション。これはマスト。Japan is a unique land for countless reasons and the Japanese electronic music has always been something very special. During the late 70s and early 80s a bunch of projects, bands and small record labels, concentrated mostly in Tokyo and Osaka, created electronic music influenced by the post-punk, new wave and experimental scene coming from Europe and North America. All these artists and musicians tried to emulate their influences to create something on their own following the DIY ethic and using the technology they had at their fingertips. A good part of this “Nippon-wave" scene was kept hermetic and secret from the rest of world and only a few have had the chance to discover it through some cassettes, flexi-discs and a few records released on private labels with absolute no distribution out of Japan. Some of these lost "minimal-synth-wave” gems have been rescued and now compiled on "Nihon No Wave"