Record Label Logo Archive Vol.1 - Collected by Luca Lozano Limited 200


在庫状況 売切れ


フォーマット: BOOK
入荷日: 2018 10月
レーベル: Klasse Wrecks


Luca Lozano監修による新旧のレコード・レーベル・ロゴ(300種類以上)のアートワークを集め一冊にまとめた小冊子。「KFAX」シリーズ第三弾。LIMITED 200, 60 page risograph printed book compromising of over 300 record label logos, collected and compiled by Luca Lozano. Focussing on the innocent and naive graphic design of certain smaller, independent and sometimes long forgotten record labels. Measuring at 10x14cm and printed on 70 g/m² EOS bible print paper and with black glue binding.